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of the The Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic

(formerly The Recovery Systems Clinic)

Additional Nutrients to Support Antidepressant Detox. For details see, chapter 13, the Detox section of the Mood Cure's addiction chapter.

The following nutrients, plus Epsom salt baths and saunas, help to support the body and the liver in the detox process.

Additional supplements helpful in detox

  • Vitamin C powder to bowel tolerance
  • 4/day multi vitamin
  • Extra B complex
  • Milk Thistle or NAC (for liver support)
  • Aminios Acids

Amino Acids: Be sure to review the Mood Type Questionnaire (link) to determine whether you'll need any aminos other than 5HTP or l-tryptophan for your detox. For example, GABA (100-500 mg) is often useful, short term, for calming withdrawal symptoms. For Detox Insomnia: tryptophan, melatonin, and/or GABA are the top natural sleep promoters. See the sleep chapter in the Mood Cure for details and in the updated version of that chapters discussion of elevated cortisol (section 9).

Infrared or conventional saunas can typically be helpful as well.

Move to the next section for help with severe anxiety and insomnia that is unresponsive to the above nutrients.